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Why Are Smart Locks So Expensive? (Are They Worth The Price)

By Howard Bowman

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Given the increase in crime, using smart locks has become rather prevalent. However, given that they are so expensive, it’s natural to wonder whether they are worth the price.

Smart locks are expensive because they come with intense cybersecurity, geofencing, touchpad, and voice activation technology. They are waterproof devices made of robust hardware installed by professionals. In addition, they surveil and offer remote access to your property, keeping a log of who enters.

Let’s explore potential reasons why smart locks are so expensive and look at a few considerations to determine whether they will be worth the price for your needs.

11 Reasons Why Smart Locks Are So Expensive & What Makes Them Worth It?

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Here are a few reasons why smart locks are so expensive and what makes them worth the price.

1) Smart Locks Come With Geofencing Technology

Geofencing technology in smart locks uses GPS data to detect when a smart lock user is within the perimeter of their property. Geofencing will enable you to connect to the smart lock once you are within a specific range of your property.

2) Smart Locks Need To Be Installed By A Professional

Smart locks can be quite complicated to install. In some instances, brands include the option of having one of their professionals assist you with installing their locks into your home.

If your smart lock includes an installation offer, it might be more expensive than smart locks, where you would install the lock yourself or with the help of a professional you hire privately.

3) Smart Locks Offer Voice Activation Software

Elite smart lock brands use voice activation software that enables you to enter your home by simply speaking or verbalizing the door code.

Smart locks with voice activation features tend to be more expensive because the device's complexity is increased due to the required added technology.

4) Smart Locks Are Linked To Smart Devices

While most smart locks can be paired with smart home apps already on the market, some smart locks have been designed to pair with a specialized app specific to the relevant brand of smart locks.

When smart lock companies have to design apps specifically for their locks, they require various IT specialists to ensure their app works well in correlation with the app.

Smart locks with specific apps linked to their operation are often more expensive because the manufacturer has included the cost of the app production into the lock's price.

5) Smart Locks Provide Remote Access To Your Property

Everyone has experienced the fear that they forgot to lock their door. A smart lock lets you check whether you've locked your door despite no longer being nearby.

Similarly, if someone is coming to pick something up and you're not home, you can unlock the door for them to grab the item and lock it once they've left.

Additionally, if you have a smart lock with an access code, you will be able to share the code with people you trust. Smart locks with access codes are popular, valuable tools for home-sharing such as Couchsurfing or Airbnb homes. Smart locks with access codes are popular because the codes can easily be changed on the app once you no longer need the individual to access your property.

In this regard, smart locks are expensive because they provide you with wide-range control of your device. The price includes the equipment required to make the device and the subsequent app software updates that will be provided in the future.

6) Smart Locks Can Track Who Enters Your House

Most smart lock apps record when the lock was locked or unlocked. If you have a key code for each individual in your home, you'll have more accountability and the ability to know who does what.

The app linked to your smart lock will notify you when someone has entered or tried to enter your property.

The price of smart locks includes the societal function they provide. Therefore, the cost of smart locks is high because consumers purchase the ability to surveil their property and keep a digital record of who has entered their property and when they have done so.

7) Smart Locks Provide Surveillance Of Your Property

Advanced smart locks have a camera feature that allows you to see who enters your home and when they've done so.

Smart locks with camera surveillance are particularly helpful in ensuring safety in your home, especially when you are away from home or have provided someone with an access code to your property and want to ensure that they have not shared the code.

Naturally, smart locks with cameras are expensive due to the camera feature, which adds a piece of extra equipment and the software related to maintaining the camera feed.

8) Smart Locks Use Touchscreens

Smart locks mostly use touch screens for users to enter their pin code to access their homes. Touch screen technology is expensive because touch screens are sensitive devices designed to withstand wear and tear, even in extreme conditions.

Advanced touch screens may accept fingerprints for entering your home. However, smart locks that use fingerprints are extra expensive because they require software to process biometric information.

9) Smart Locks Are Aesthetically Appealing

Smart locks are modern, aesthetically appealing locks that generally do not look like ordinary locks. The design of these locks is carefully thought out to fulfill the required features while still appealing to the eye.

Smart locks can be expensive if their design is mainly built using expensive materials such as glass screens to create a modern aesthetic. In addition, although arbitrary, you may find that silver-colored smart locks are more expensive than other colors because silver has become a color associated with prestige in home design.

10) Smart Locks Are Waterproof

Given the unique technology inside smart locks, the locks must be able to withstand the various elements of nature. Smart locks are expensive because they are designed to ensure that they are waterproof.

Most smart locks are expensive because the material required to make sure they are wind and water-resistant comes at a high price. Likewise, ensuring that the device is sturdy enough to withstand windy days and work in the strongest storm requires expensive materials.

11) Smart Locks Require Intense Cybersecurity

Cryptography and encryption are crucial in ensuring that smart locks are cyber secure. Smart locks require asymmetric cryptography, involving a set of key values, a private and a public key. The private key is encrypted and can only be read by the public key based on a particular algorithm.

Asymmetric cryptography requires advanced computer programming, which requires the knowledge of advanced computer programmers and software engineers. The investment of time, skill, and technology that goes into designing top-notch cybersecurity for smart locks is why smart locks are so expensive.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smart Lock

Here are some disadvantages to consider to determine whether buying a smart lock will be worthwhile for you.

Smart Locks Can Be Difficult To Install

Smart locks can be challenging to install if you are not tech-savvy or have difficulty setting up gadgets. You may find that you need someone else's assistance to install the smart locks and may even need to pay for installation assistance.

Smart Locks Can Experience Glitches

Unlike regular locks, smart locks can experience glitches if there is a battery issue, app glitch, or connectivity issue. Once again, you may find yourself having to call your local locksmith if your smart lock is not working the way it should. You may also have to contact your smart lock provider if the issue is not one that your local locksmith can solve.

Smart Locks Experience Battery Issues

Smart locks are battery-powered. It is pretty common for smart locks to run into battery issues. If your smart lock's battery encounters a problem, you may need to replace the battery, which will be a bit pricey. Worst-case scenario, you'll need to buy a new smart lock.

However, smart locks have a light that should activate in advance to inform you of potential battery issues before your battery needs to be replaced.

Smart Locks Can Be Hacked

Despite smart lock manufacturers working very hard to ensure their locks are of top-notch security, smart locks are not exempt from being hacked.

It is worth noting that apart from hacking, smart locks can also be accessed easily if the smart lock uses e-keys/number codes. With numerical codes, someone may be able to spot the code as your enter it and use it once you are not around.

You Need A Smartphone To Use A Smart Lock

If you are a smartphone owner, using a smart lock should not be an issue for you. However, if you are not a smartphone owner, you will need to purchase a smartphone to use a smart lock.


Despite being expensive, smart locks are worth the price because they use geofencing, touchpad, and voice activation technology. They also use advanced cybersecurity to offer surveillance and remote access to your property, keeping a log of who enters your property.

Given that the devices contain carefully designed advanced software, the price of smart locks is also high because they are made using strong, waterproof hardware to ensure the lock withstands the elements of nature.

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