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8 Smart Locks That Work Well With Sliding Doors (Expert Reviews)

By Howard Bowman

Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We greatly appreciate your support!

Smart locks are becoming increasingly popular. After all, there are many benefits these locks offer, including better security, multiple unlock methods, and remote control of locks through smartphone apps. However, many people have wondered whether smart locks are compatible with sliding doors.

There are many smart locks that are compatible with sliding doors, including models from Port, Yale, Luston, Lockly, Lockey, and CODACE. Overall, the Port Tower smart lock is the best option for sliding doors. However, Yale and Luston have fantastic locks with similar functionality. 

If you’re searching for a smart lock for your sliding door, we’re confident we can help you find the right option for your security and convenience needs. There are even some sliding door smart lock alternatives for you to consider! Once we’ve outlined the eight best smart locks for sliding doors, we’ll discuss the factors you should consider before making a final decision.

8 Best Smart Locks For Sliding Doors

While there are many advantages to smart locks, these advanced locks aren’t usually compatible with sliding doors. That’s why we’ve reviewed eight of the best smart lock models that are fully compatible with sliding patio doors!

1) Port Tower Smart Lock For Sliding Doors

Port’s Tower is a slim smart lock with a contemporary design. With this lock, you’ll be able to add fantastic security to doors where space is a concern – including swinging and sliding doors. This smart lock from Port uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication protocols, allowing you to control your sliding door’s smart lock remotely.

The Tower smart lock features an integrated keypad, which works with single-use, temporary, and permanent passcodes. The passcodes and users can be managed directly from the official Port app. In addition to the keypad, this lock is also equipped with a nifty card sensor for easy access.

Like other smart locks, you can also manage your lock’s activity and security settings from the Port app. For example, if someone has used a temporary or permanent passcode to unlock your sliding door, you’ll be able to see who used their code directly on the app – even if you’re not at home!

This slim mortise lock will fit on standard wood, metal, and glass doors. However, when purchasing the smart lock, you’ll be able to select a finish, door thickness, backset, and door function. For the door function, you need to ensure you purchase the Tower lock compatible with sliding doors.

In terms of door thickness, there are five different buying options: 1-3/8”, 1-3/4”, 2”, 2-1/4”, and 2-1/2”. For the lock’s backset, which is the distance from the front of the lock to the center of the lock’s spindle, there are also five choices: 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm. Finally, you’ll be able to choose between a Satin Black or Satin Stainless Steel finish for your smart lock.

The simple setup of the Port Tower lock is another aspect that makes this one of the best smart locks for sliding doors. Once you’ve installed the smart lock, you’ll be able to connect the lock to your phone by scanning the included QR code to download the app. This lock is supported in more than 200 regions and countries.

Once you’ve installed the smart lock, you’ll be able to set up the Port Tower smart lock. If you don’t have a Tower account, you’ll need to register on the app before renaming your lock and setting passcodes. Overall, this lock has a thoughtful design that greatly improves the security of sliding doors!

2) Yale Assure Lock For Patio Doors

Yale Assure Lock for Andersen® Patio Doors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, White

Yale’s Assure Lock for patio doors is another great smart lock that’s compatible with most sliding doors. This is a smart keyless lock, which means it’s impossible to lose your keys. This feature also helps curb potential break-ins caused by lost keys. Instead of using a key, this lock uses a keypad to unlock your sliding door.

However, it’s important to note that three different lock configurations are available to purchase. With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth model, you can remotely access, monitor, and control your smart lock from the official Yale Access App. While the Z-Wave model functions similarly, it does not use the Yale Access app.

Instead, users need to connect the Yale Assure Z-Wave lock to a compatible Z-Wave hub or alarm system (such as Ring Alarm). Like the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model, you’ll also be able to remotely lock or unlock your sliding door. The app used to control the Z-Wave lock will be the same app connected to the Z-Wave hub or alarm system.

However, there’s also a touchscreen model available that isn’t equipped with a smart module. While this model bears the same keyless design as the previous two models, it cannot be remotely controlled since there is no Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or Z-Wave communication protocol available.

Regardless of which lock you decide to purchase, you’ll be able to make use of One Touch Locking. You can simply tap the keypad to arm the door whenever you want to lock your sliding door. All models feature a 9V backup battery, which ensures your lock never loses power, even during a power outage.

Overall, the Yale Assure smart lock for patio doors features a sleek, modern design. In addition to the different communication protocols you can choose from, there are three finishes available: Black, White, and Satin Nickel. If you want a keyless sliding door, this could be the perfect smart lock for your needs!

Yale Assure Lock for Andersen® Patio Doors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, White
  • One Touch Locking - Lock up without the hassle of keys by simply tapping the keypad
  • Key Free - No cylinder means no lost keys and no pick and bump break ins
  • Battery Back-Up - Never los power, this lock can be energized with a 9V battery

3) Luston Sliding Glass Door Smart Lock

Slim Smart Door Lock with Handle: Smart Locks for Front Door - Stainless Steel Waterproof Mortise Lock - Keyless Entry Door Lock - Fingerprint Digital Keypad Door Lock for Aluminum Swing Door (Black)

This Luston smart lock is another fantastic option for sliding doors! Once you’ve purchased this lock, you’ll be able to quickly set it up and adjust the settings as desired. Compared to other smart locks that are compatible with sliding patio doors, it’s clear that Luston offers more unlock methods for users.

There are four different unlock methods that can be used with this lock. Firstly, you can use the built-in keypad to enter a code that was set on the smart app. Setting and changing passwords through the app is easy. You can even load your fingerprint for more efficient unlocking of your sliding door!

Unlike the other smart locks that we’ve discussed so far, this model from Luston supports a physical backup key that can be used to lock or unlock your door.

Finally, it’s also possible to directly use the app to remotely lock or unlock your sliding door where the lock is installed.

This affordable smart lock is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. There are four different finishes available: Black, Crimson, Indigo Blue, and Sky Blue. In addition to this, there are seven different sizes to choose from, ensuring you purchase a smart lock that’s compatible with your sliding door.

When purchasing this smart lock from Luston, you’ll receive the front panel, back panel, and mortise lock. Buyers will also receive two mechanical keys, which can be used to lock or unlock the sliding door. Two smart cards are also included, which can be tapped to unlock the smart lock.

Luston Slim Smart Lock Front Door Stainless Steel Waterproof Mortise Lock,Keyless Entry Door Lock,WiFi Bluetooth Fingerprint Digital Keypad Aluminum Swing Door Lock with Handle(Black)
  • 🔓【7-IN-1 Ways to Unlock Your Door】1. Fingerprint 2. Smartphone Bluetooth APP Control 3. Passcode 4. Key Fobs 5. Mechanical Keys 6. Apple Watch 7. NFC (Android), and Alexa Voice Unlock(Wifi Gateway Required, sold separately). Never worry about being locked out again.
  • 🔓【Wide Range Compatibility】Luston Smart locks are meticulously designed to accommodate with 90% multipoint locking systems which can lift up handle to lock. If you‘re not sure if it can be compatible, you can send pictures for us to confirm before purchasing. Tips: Luston slim door handle angle only can be turned to 45 degrees, if your existing door handle angle is 60/75 degrees, it may not be enough to fully retract all the locking points after installation, it won't be compatible.
  • 🔓【Specific Dimension】Luston slim door lock comes with 3585 mortise(Upper center to lower center length is 85mm, center to door edge length is 35mm) in package by default. Please compare the size before you purchase, if you need other mortise size, pls send picture for us to confirm.

4) Lockly Guard Smart Lock For Sliding Doors

While the Lockly Guard smart lock is currently only available for pre-order, it’s destined to be one of the best smart locks for sliding doors. After all, Lockly is one of the world’s leading smart lock manufacturers, with truly fantastic security features – and the Guard lock is no exception!

Overall, there are five ways to unlock the Guard smart lock, making it ideal for homes, rental properties, and offices. Firstly, you’ll be able to unlock your sliding door using the digital touchscreen on the lock to enter your unique PIN. This touchscreen also works with offline access codes.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to arm or disarm your lock through the smartphone app. The Lockly Guard also supports eKeys and physical backup keys. Despite numerous unlock methods, your security is still the highest priority, which is why the digital keypad has a hack-proof design.

Users can unlock even more functionality from their smart lock when installed alongside a Secure Link Wi-Fi hub. With this hub, you’ll be able to use voice control to unlock or lock your sliding door. This hub will even allow you to monitor your sliding door in real-time through the Lockly app.

Our recommended lock, Lockly Guard Athena slide edition is currently not available on Amazon but you can visit Lockly website and chat with their sales representative. While Lockly recommends hiring a professional to install this lock, you’ll be glad that the lock can be retrofitted with new and existing sliding doors of various thicknesses and widths.

You can also check our recommendation for sliding doors with a wider door frame. This lock is also from Lockly and is available on Amazon.

Lockly Secure Pro, Wi-Fi Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Door Lock, PIN Genie® Keypad, 3D Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, Voice Control, Auto Lock - Venetian Bronze (PGD628WVB) - Latch Edition
  • Multiple Unlocking Methods - Lockly smart door lock offers a variety of unlocking methods - Patented PIN Genie digital keypad + 3D biometric fingerprint sensor + APP control + Voice Control + Scan to Open QR code + Physical key. An IPX4 certified versatile smart lock for your home, Airbnb rental property management and offices with high security and reliability.
  • Keypad Lock for Front Door - Peek-proof numeric keypad, the patented PIN Genie keypad has four virtual buttons, each with three different numbers. The numbers change after each use by mixing up the position of the PIN. Super easy to use - even if someone else is watching you enter your PIN, it's impossible to guess.
  • Self-learning AI Smart Lock - Fingerprint door lock recognition get quick access in just 0.3sec, lock opening in 0.5sec. Second Gen 3D biometric fingerprint sensor stores up to 99 fingerprints. Lockly smart lock fingerprint sensor equipped in your smart lock is loaded with powerful fingerprint algorithms to extractquality features from fingers, even in poor conditions.

5) Port Tower 2 Smart Lock For Sliding Doors

The Tower 2 smart lock from Port is another great model that’s compatible with sliding doors. This Euro-stye mortise lock has a slim, contemporary design. Like the other Port model we discussed earlier, this smart lock will provide you with top-level security. It’s important to note that this smart lock is suitable for both residential and commercial metal or wooden sliding doors.

This smart lock is compatible with sliding doors that use a latch, deadbolt, or mortise lock. Once this smart lock has been installed, you will be able to create temporary and permanent passcodes. There’s even a setting to ensure that passcodes expire after a specified duration of time!

The Tower 2 smart lock is keyless, which means it is incompatible with a physical backup key. However, the smart lock has a keypad to enter codes and a fingerprint reader for even quicker access! With limited unlock methods, your security is the highest priority – and you don’t have to sacrifice any convenience.

While the Port Tower model is available in varying size options, the Tower 2 lock is only compatible with sliding doors up to 2-1/2” thick. If your sliding door is thicker than this, you will not be able to install this smart lock on your door. There are also two color finishes for buyers to choose from.

Overall, the Tower 2 smart lock was thoughtfully designed to offer you dependable security. With many handy unlock methods to choose from, you’ll be able to control your sliding doors like never before!

6) Slideback Self-Closing Sliding Patio Door Closer

Slideback- Self Closing Sliding Patio Door Closer (Heavy Duty) for 5-6 ft Doors

As we explained earlier, there aren’t many available smart locks that are compatible with sliding doors. However, the Slideback Self-closing Sliding Patio Door Closer offers a fantastic alternative to a smart lock for your sliding doors. This heavy-duty device is compatible with all standard 5- and 6-foot sliding doors.

However, if you have hurricane-resistant sliding doors, you’ll need to purchase the heavy-duty plus model. Regardless of which model you purchase, this sliding door closer can be installed in a few simple steps.

It’s important to note that this Slideback device cannot replace your sliding door’s existing lock and offers no smart lock functionality. Ultimately, this means you will need to use this device alongside your sliding door’s existing lock. However, this device can still provide you with peace of mind! 

This device can keep children and pets from wandering outdoors. For those with pools, this is a great security addition to your home. The device’s speed is also adjustable, allowing you to set the speed at which the door opens and closes. This device can also help keep bugs out of your home!

While the Slideback Self-Closing Door Closer is not a smart lock, it’s a great alternative that allows you to control your sliding door in new ways. By keeping your sliding door closed, this device can even help reduce cooling and heating costs, helping you save energy and money!

Slideback- Self Closing Sliding Patio Door Closer (Heavy Duty) for 5-6 ft Doors
  • Easy to install - just a few simple steps.
  • Keeps children and pets safe from wandering out and gives you peace of mind especially if you have a pool.
  • Energy Saver- Reduces cooling and heating by keeping the patio door closed.

7) Lockey C150 Surface Mount Hook Bolt

C150AB Surface Mount Hook Bolt

While the Lockey C150 Surface Mount Hook Bolt isn’t a smart lock, it’s certainly a home security upgrade. Not only does this electronic lock from Lockey USA expertly blend technology and tradition, but it’s also compatible with sliding doors!

This model is a keyless electronic lock, which is ideal for light-duty applications. This lock features a mechanical keypad with an easily programmable code. Unfortunately, unlike smart locks, this lock is not able to function with multiple codes or unlock methods. There is also no physical backup key option.

This sliding door lock is made with alloy steel and zinc. When purchasing the C150 model, you’ll be able to choose between seven different colors and finishes, namely White, Antique Bronze, Bright Brass, Jet Black, Marine Grade, Satin Chrome, and Satin Nickel.

While the Lockey C150 Surface Mount Hook Bolt isn’t a smart lock, it’s a sliding door lock that you can depend on – which is why this lock comes with a lifetime warranty from Lockey USA! If you’re looking for a no-fuss lock that’s equally secure and simple, this might just be the perfect option for your sliding door!

C150AB Surface Mount Hook Bolt
  • Mechanical, keyless push-button lock
  • ideal for light-duty applications
  • Easy programmable code

8) CODACE Mechanical Keyless Combination Sliding Door Lock

Keyless Entry Door Locks with Keypads Deadbolt, Mechanical Combination Latch Door Lock with Handle, Waterproof Keyless Sliding Door Lock, Digital Code Gate Front Door Lock Set with Door Knob (Silver)

This affordable keyless lock from CODACE is another great alternative for your sliding door. Since this is a mechanical lock, there’s no need to install or replace batteries. Instead, the lock can easily be opened with a unique password.

While this option lacks smart functionality, the 100% mechanical construction provides added security since it’s difficult to pry open. The CODACE lock is made from high-grade stainless steel, which is enhanced with an anti-corrosion surface treatment. Not only is this keyless lock highly secure, but it’s also durable and waterproof.

The access codes are easy to set and adjust. These codes can also be between four and seven alphanumeric characters. This mechanical lock is easy to install by yourself, and it is suitable for sliding doors. With a minimalist design and two colors to choose from, you can preserve the look of your sliding door.

While this isn’t a smart lock, there’s much to love about the CODACE Mechanical Keyless Combination Sliding Door Lock. This durable lock is a fantastic alternative that’s guaranteed to upgrade your sliding door’s security and functionality.

CODACE Keyless Entry Door Lock with Keypad, Combination Lock, Waterproof, Silver
  • 【100% Mechanical & Keyless】No need to charge and install batteries. Keyless entry door lock with handle can be easily opened with a password. Reject the programming error of the electronic door lock. With 100% mechanical construction, it is so difficult to pry open that provides you with a safer living environment.
  • 【Applicable Doors】Work with both left and right handed doors due to adjustable unlocking direction. Keypad deadbolt locks are suitable for sliding doors(Not suitable for misaligned glass sliding doors), gates, wooden fence doors with 1-3/8" to 2-4/8" (35mm-63.5mm) thickness. If the accessories are too long, please cut according to the actual thickness of the door.
  • 【Easy to Set Up & DIY Installation】Easy to set and change the codes. Combination can be 4-7 digits composed of numbers or alphabets except for the C key (no repeats), and be used in any order. 14 push bottons greatly improve the security of mechanical door locks. Granular buttons with good touch feeling, are easy to enter passwords. Please read the detailed instructions carefully and installation will be simple and fast.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Smart Locks For Sliding Doors

Now that we’ve discussed the eight best smart locks for sliding doors let’s outline what you should look for when choosing a model. Firstly, you’ll need to measure your sliding door’s dimensions to find a compatible lock. After this, you’ll need to carefully consider the lock’s supported communication protocols and access methods.

Sliding Door Dimensions

When looking at smart locks for sliding doors, you likely noticed that many options are available in different sizes. For those that aren’t customizable, the lock will specify a compatible door thickness. To ensure your chosen lock is compatible with your sliding door, you’ll need to measure the thickness of your sliding door. Measuring the dimensions ensures that your smart lock will fit properly.

Smart Lock Communication Protocols

When shopping for a smart lock compatible with your sliding door, you must carefully consider the communication protocols it uses. While many smart locks utilize Bluetooth and Wi-Fi protocols, some are Z-Wave-compatible locks. Furthermore, some lock alternatives for sliding doors may not have a smart module.


Smart locks typically communicate with Bluetooth since it uses little battery power. Despite its great battery life, Bluetooth has a limited range. Bluetooth-only cannot be remotely locked or unlocked. Luckily, many locks use Bluetooth alongside Wi-Fi for more versatility.


You can access and control your smart lock remotely with Wi-Fi-enabled smart locks. Additionally, you can create access codes and eKeys remotely for other people. You’ll be able to do all this directly from the linked smartphone app.


Z-Wave is a unique communication protocol that uses a compatible hub to control your lock and other Z-Wave devices, such as a Ring Alarm. For Z-Wave smart locks to work properly, they will need to be installed within a certain range of the hub. These locks can also be controlled through dedicated apps. Ultimately, this is the most secure smart lock communication protocol,

No Smart Module

As we discussed earlier, there aren’t many smart locks that are compatible with sliding doors. However, there are some great alternatives, such as keyless mechanical locks. However, if you’re considering one of these alternatives, it’s important to note that it will not have a smart module, which means it will have limited functionality.

Smart Lock Unlock Methods

When purchasing a smart lock, you need to carefully consider the supported unlock methods. Common unlock methods include keypad access, app access, fingerprint readers, eKey access, and physical backup keys. While the supported access methods will vary between models, most options support numerous methods.

Keypad Access

Most smart locks that are compatible with sliding doors feature keypads, which can be used to enter access codes. These smart locks typically support temporary and permanent access codes.

App Access

One of the major benefits of smart locks is that you can remotely unlock or lock your sliding door through the official smartphone app. These apps also help upgrade your security by allowing you to monitor the status of your lock and who has accessed the lock.

Fingerprint Access

An increasing number of smart locks are integrating fingerprint readers. Once you’ve loaded your fingerprint into the connected smartphone app, you’ll be able to instantly unlock your sliding door by scanning your fingerprint.

eKey Access

Some smart locks also support eKeys, which are encrypted electronic keys. With this great feature, you’ll be able to send a valid eKey to anyone, anywhere, at any time! This feature greatly improves how you access your home.

Physical Key Access

While many smart locks have keyless designs, some models support physical backup keys. These backup keys can be used to lock and unlock your door traditionally. Many homeowners prefer smart locks with backup keys for added peace of mind.

While reviewing smart locks compatible with sliding doors, one model truly stood out: Port’s Tower Smart Lock For Sliding Doors. This smart lock is available in many configurations and finishes, is easy to install, features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication protocols, and supports multiple unlock methods.

Our Verdict

While reviewing smart locks compatible with sliding doors, one model truly stood out: Port’s Tower Smart Lock For Sliding Doors. This smart lock is available in many configurations and finishes, is easy to install, features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication protocols, and supports multiple unlock methods.

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