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How To Change Battery In Keyless Door Lock? (6 Important Steps)

By Howard Bowman

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Keyless door locks are one of the best inventions made yet. However, although these smart locks certainly have many advantages as opposed to traditional locks, they too don't come without their faults. So, how can you change the battery in your keyless door lock if it gives out on you?

To change your keyless door lock battery, you first need to ensure that you have the new battery. Next, you'll need to remove the back cover or plate of the lock. Then, remove the battery and replace it with the new battery. Once the new battery has been adequately secured, place the back cover or plate back on.

Changing the battery of a keyless door lock can seem daunting but is relatively easy. You simply need to ensure that you have everything you need to complete this task. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you successfully change the battery so your smart lock is up and working again in no time.

A Guide On How To Change A Keyless Door Lock Battery

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Here is how to change your keyless door lock battery.

1) Have All Your Tools Ready

Before you get started, make sure you have the necessary tools. These will be pliers and screwdrivers that match the head screws securing the back of your cover.

However, keep in mind that some keyless door locks do not have screws securing the cover from the rest of the device.

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Fear not if this is the case, as different models have different looks. We will go through that a later on.

Ensure that you know what kind of batteries the keyless door lock uses so that you get the right ones. You'll also want to have the new battery nearby to easily reach it once you remove the dead one.

2) Remove The Keyless Door Lock Back Cover

If your back cover is secured by screws, remove those using the screwdriver and pull the cover straight up and off.

Ensure that you're turning the tools in the correct direction. The last thing you want happening is tightening the screws, which will take longer to remove.

The screw should come off fairly quickly. Ensure you put them in a safe place as they are specific screws. However, as mentioned above, not all models have screws securing the back cover. If this is the case for yours, you'll want to press your thumb on the back cover of the keyless door lock. Press or push up slightly so that the cover pops off.

Fair warning, with some keyless door locks, like the Schlage door lock, you do not want to close the door and take the back cover off. You'll be stuck in or out of your house if the door shuts. Instead, leave the door open while working from start to finish.

You also want to use masking tape to hold the front side securely in place so you can use both hands to work. You can also simply ask a family member or friend to keep the front plate in place. Pull the backplate back towards you. It may be a little stuck. Just give a little wiggle and pull it back towards you again.

3) Remove The Battery Pack From The Keyless Door Lock

The next step is to find and remove the battery pack. The battery can usually be seen if you look straight down at the top of the keyless door lock. Reach in and pull the battery straight up; the battery should easily come out.

There isn't a battery pack in some models, like the Schlage door lock, but a compact battery. In this case, the battery will be situated at the lower end of the lock.

Simply push it up and out of the little slot it slides into using your fingers. Disconnect the battery from the wires cap it is connected to.

4) Replace The Old Batteries With The New Ones

Now that you have successfully removed the back cover and the dead batteries from the keyless door lock, the next step is to remove the batteries from the battery pack and replace them with the new batteries. This is an easy step.

The only thing you'll want to look out for is orienting the batteries the correct way. The negative goes to the spring, and the positive goes to the other end that does not have the spring. Usually, the inner part is marked with a plus or minus sign. So are the batteries to help prevent you from placing them incorrectly.

If you have a battery instead of a battery pack, simply connect the battery to the wire cap like the previous battery had been connected. Ensure that you choose the correct sides, or the battery will not lock into the wire cap properly. There's only one way to attach the battery, so the chances of you getting it wrong are pretty nonexistent.

5) Place The Battery Pack Into The Keyless Door Lock

You need to place the battery compartment back into the keyless door lock. The battery pack will have markings like arrows or a simple diagram to help guide you, so you correctly put the battery pack back into the lock.

The lock will beep and flash if the battery pack is placed into the slot correctly. If you have a battery and not a battery pack, slide the connected battery into its slot.

6) Place The Cover Back Onto The Keyless Door Lock

Lastly, you will need to place the cover back onto your keyless door lock. Simply slot the back cover onto the lock from the top and put back the screws. You're good to go if your cover merely has no screws and latches on by itself.

If there are screws that you removed, ensure that you tighten them well enough when you are putting them back on.

You don't want your cover to be too loose. For other keyless door lock models, like the Schlage, replacing the faceplate is somewhat tricky. Ensure that the hole on the faceplate is aligned and placed back over the controller. Place the screws back in and ensure that everything is steady and holding together nicely.


Changing the battery of your keyless door lock does not have to be a hassle. Now that you have this step-by-step guide, you can confidently change the batteries without worrying about anything going wrong.

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