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Smart Lock Vs. Traditional Lock (10 Reasons Smart Locks Are Better)

By Howard Bowman

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Statistics show that crime is rising at a scarily steady rate. It is no wonder that many have turned to more tech-savvy home security locking systems. Smart locks have undoubtedly become a solution for many who desire peace of mind from burglaries. However, are they better than the traditional locks?

Smart locks are better than traditional locks for several reasons. They give you an option to send virtual keys to family and friends. They also come with their own hardware and work well with Smart Assistants. Smart locks are not just convenient; they also have auto-lock and door sense technology.

Smart locks are gaining traction in the security industry, with good reason. As much as we all try to protect our homes with cameras, fancy window bars, etc., sometimes traditional locks just don't cut it. Instead, a new breed of technology does a far better job of keeping your homes secure and safe. So do smart locks have more benefits than traditional locks? Here's all you need to know.

Are Smart Locks Better Than Traditional Locks?

The smart lock is a connected bit of technology that allows you to enter and exit your property using secure apps installed on your smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, etc., or by using a smart keypad.

Most smart locks are as secure as regular ones because they use a traditional deadbolt. Although they are a great invention, are they truly as safe as a good old-fashioned lock and key? In addition, the smart locks relieve you of a mental strain you probably aren't even aware of. Yes, smart door locks are better than traditional locks and are a good investment.

Smart locks allow you to track who enters and exits your home. You can issue codes to your family members to prevent unauthorized entry. When using WiFi systems, you can instantly receive notifications on your smartphone when someone tries to enter your home.

Smart locks can also be used to improve your security system. For example, a smart door lock allows you to open and close your door without a key. It saves you the trouble of pulling out your keys and manually unlocking the door.

Smart door locks are the most recent advancement in home security devices. These hands-free smart home devices are designed for ease and safety. You can not only unlock the door with a personalized key code, but you are also excused if you are forgetful and forget your keys at home. This is because smart locks work electronically and do not need a key to unlock.

In What Way Are Smart Locks Better Than Traditional Locks?

Smart locks triumph over traditional locks in several ways. First, suppose you wonder whether or not smart locks are a worthy investment. In that case, all the reasons listed below will reveal how much better smart locks are, and worth every penny spent to acquire and install them.

1) You Can Share Virtual Keys With Smart Locks

Some smart locks allow you to send virtual keys to family and friends when you are not home. I don't know about you, but this is great as you don't have to constantly be there to open for your loved ones as you would need to be with traditional locks.

Furthermore, virtual keys are the way to go as we have all misplaced or lost our keys at some point. With smart locks, the key is always there, and there is no chance of you or your housemates losing it.

You no longer have to replace the lock when you lose your keys. Instead, replace the PIN code or unpair any misplaced keycards or RFID tags. You also never have to go through the process of copying keys to give to family members. And you never have to worry about the copies of keys getting into the wrong hands.

Simply put, your phone is now your key. The great thing about this is that the keys created can be temporary. For example, say you need a package delivered or maintenance done while you aren't there. The temporary key will grant them access for a few hours. Afterward, it is gone, and you never have to worry about them having access again unless you want them to.

This comes in handy if your family members or friends happen to get home before you do, as you can send them virtual keys to get into the house. Smart locks allow remote access, so you may share a one-time passcode from your smartphone or app with a smart lock, eliminating the need to rush down to hand over your keys.

2) Smart Locks Come With Their Own Hardware

Smart locks do not rely on you already having good security. They already come with the hardware for the outside. The smart lock handle can be busted, but that does not mean that access will be gained. The motorized cylinder of the smart lock will stay in place, securing the door, especially if the cylinder is of superior quality.

In contrast, access is immediately granted once the traditional lock has been busted. Smart locks cannot be tampered with the same way conventional locks can. The only method to break into the house is to hack the smart home security system. I doubt that hackers will not hack these unless it is very lucrative and worth the hassle.

According to research, burglary is an opportunistic activity. In other words, unlike tampering with a traditional door lock's deadbolt, an attacker is unlikely to have intended to hack a smart lock's complicated encryption algorithms. Furthermore, cracking the encryption requires more resources, skills, and pricey computing power than forcing a regular door lock open.

3) Smart Locks Work Well With Smart Assistants

Smart locks can generally be incorporated well with smart assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc. This can be helpful when someone is trying to break in, as you can use one of the linked smart assistants to call for help. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for traditional locks. There is no way to connect traditional locks to smart assistants.

Therefore, you have to either have good neighbors tell you that someone is trying to break in to know that you need to call the police, or you only find out once you come home and see the broken lock.

Additionally, if you are carrying a lot of stuff or your hands are occupied, you can ask a smart assistant such as Siri to unlock your door instead of using the keypad.

4) Smart Locks Provide Convenience In Spades

Smart locks are very convenient. You can simply enter using your app or use a code on a keypad. This is tons better than having your key jam on you or, even worse, snap and break when it gets stuck and you try to jiggle it out. They also offer the convenience of controlling and monitoring your door's lockability from wherever you are.

5) Smart Locks Are Actually Inexpensive

Some smart locks are also, surprisingly, much more affordable compared to traditional locks. This means you can save up that money and use it for other home improvement projects to increase your security.

6) Smart Locks Offer Auto-Lock Features

Some smart locks also have auto-lock features. This way, if you happen to be carrying a bunch of groceries, you don't have to fumble around for your smartphone, watch, etc., as you set an auto-unlock so that the smart lock knows when you have arrived using Bluetooth. The door will automatically unlock for you.

Some smart locks also have auto-lock features. This way, if you happen to be carrying a bunch of groceries, you don't have to fumble around for your smartphone, watch, etc., as you set an auto-unlock so that the smart lock knows when you have arrived using Bluetooth. The door will automatically unlock for you.

You also have the option of setting an auto-lock so that whenever you leave, the smart lock locks the door behind you. This is a significant benefit as some people tend to forget to lock the door behind them when they are in a rush or simply have a wandering mind. It is almost like having your own personal doorman.

You also never have to worry about whether or not your kids, spouse, family, or housemates remembered to lock the door on their way out. I don't know about you, but I don't recall traditional locks unlocking or locking themselves.

Another excellent function of smart locks is that they make it possible for you to never worry about ensuring that the front door is closed and locked at night. You program your smart lock to auto-lock at a specific time and ensure it takes care of that task every night.

7) Smart Locks Have Door Sense Technology

A good amount of smart locks have proprietary door sense technology. This is especially appealing as it lets you know whether your door is closed or locked. This feature is excellent for those of us who are forgetful.

You know how it goes. You drive off to work, and once you get there, you're wracking your brain trying to figure out if you remembered to lock the door or not. The same can't be said for traditional locks. There is no way to check if your door is locked apart from driving back home to check.

8) Smart Locks Allow You To Keep An Activity Log

The great thing about most apps is that an activity log is kept. The same can be said for the smart app for the smart lock. This allows you to monitor your door and be well informed of what is going on, whether you are at work or on vacation.

There are numerous reasons why keeping an entry log record is a great benefit. The fact that you will be able to see who has come and gone out of your front door at all hours without you needing to install a fancy camera to capture them is mind-blowing. Your smartphone app is a critical feature that can only work with smart door locks and not with traditional locks.

9) You Can Lock And Unlock Your Door In Several Ways

Smart locks also offer a variety of ways to unlock and lock your door, whereas traditional locks only offer one key. This variety ensures that if one way doesn't work, another is available, so you are not stuck outside your home. The combination also allows you to choose your preferred method of locking and unlocking your home.

10) Smart Locks Are Better In Emergencies

In an emergency, the time it takes to retrieve your keys and physically unlock the door could possibly worsen an already dangerous scenario. Smart locks come in handy as, most of the time, we know exactly where they are and will be able to find them faster.

This means the smartphone's smart app can be used to unlock the door more quickly than a key could. This is very important as all the seconds' count in an emergency.

Are There Cons To Having Smart Locks?

There are very few reasons why some people may not have yet converted to smart locks. But unfortunately, these cons still don’t make traditional locks better.

  • Some people may feel like they won’t be able to do as good a job as a locksmith and will not bother getting the smart lock because they don’t want to spend money on a locksmith.
  • Most Smart locks rely on power, either electricity or battery power. Therefore, the smart lock will have moments when it can’t work optimally. This can be a genuine concern as continuous safety is essential.
  • The last reason is that a smartphone isn’t as easy to stash in a hideaway as a key is. Sometimes people do not want to carry their phones with them all the time. They also simply can’t afford to conceal a spare phone in the exact secret location where they may currently be hiding a spare key.


Everyday life is made easier with the cutting-edge technology of smart locks. Smart locks make it insanely difficult for burglars to break in. They also offer convenience because you don’t need to always have a key with you.

Why should we take a chance and endanger the lives of our loved ones? When it comes to your safety, it is never too expensive to go out and get a device for your family. Smart locks may not bring life-changing security enhancements, but they have certain advantages. If you’ve lost several keys and can afford to go digital, it’s a worthwhile investment.

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