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Can Smart Locks Be Picked? (Safeguard Your Smart Lock)

By Howard Bowman

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Modern homes have the latest security systems and technology. Smart locks form an integral part of keeping your home safe and secure. Most smart locks work with your smartphone to lock and unlock your door and have managed access and monitoring so you can monitor who comes into your home and has access to it. But, with all the extraordinary security measures smart locks have, can they be picked?

Most smart locks are nearly impossible to pick, but each smart lock will have its vulnerabilities. Well-designed smart locks made by reliable manufacturers are less likely to be picked. Older or outdated smart locks may be more vulnerable to lock picking.

According to an article written in Forbes, 73% of poll responders who consisted of hackers, lock pickers, and security professionals, said they would not use a smart lock. This is quite a significant percentage and makes you question the safety of smart locks and the dangers of having your home controlled by a smart lock.

Can You Pick A Smart Lock?

Can Smart Locks Be Picked? (Safeguard Your Smart Lock)

A smart lock can be picked, but it won't be easy and can't be done with common thieves' traditional methods of lock picking. To pick a smart lock requires some finesse. It would take a very experienced lock picker to get into a smart lock.

Most smart locks come with a range of features and different options for locking and unlocking. This can make it a bit more complex to pick. Naturally, some smart locks are more accessible to pick than others. Not all smart locks are made the same, and you want to find a smart lock with features that prevent it from being picked and ensure that your home is secure.

Smart locks also have a built-in backup system with a keypad, so if the incorrect code is entered too many times, the lock will have a time-out. This helps prevent intruders from accessing your home.

Are Some Smart Locks Safer Than Others?

Not all smart locks are designed equally, and a poorly designed smart lock may be an easy target for thieves. There are, however, some smart locks that are more secure than others.

The 5 best smart locks worth purchasing that are known for better security in the market:

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock: This smart deadbolt lock is compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home Kit. Some of its features include an app and built-in Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the best overall smart lock.
  • Schlage EncodeThe Schlage Encode is another deadbolt lock with an alarm, number pad, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also connects to Alexa and Google Home. This smart lock is the best smart lock with an alarm.
  • August Smart Lock: Unlike the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, this entry-level smart lock offers the best value for money. It's easy to install and perfect for those looking for a well-priced smart lock.
  • Kwikset Halo: The Kwikset Halo comes with a number pad and an app compatible with Android and iOS. It is user-friendly and is the best smart lock offering a re-keyable lock.
  • Level Bolt: This deadbolt lock fits entirely inside the door and is the best hidden smart lock. In addition, the Level Bolt works with Homekit and Alexa and is an excellent extra security measure.

Are Smart Locks Secure?

The most basic smart locks do not differ much from traditional ones besides being automated. Smart locks can be accessed through another device or connected to other devices that control the lock. Smart locks can be locked from anywhere and offer the same security as traditional locks depending on the kind of smart lock you have installed.

Some smart locks have biometrics and other safety features that make them more secure than traditional ones. But this does not apply to all smart locks.

A few factors may make some people wary of installing a smart lock. These include the following:

Factors That Influence The Safety Of Smart Locks


  • Your smart lock can be vulnerable to getting hacked
  • A common vulnerability that makes smart locks an easy target for hackers is Bluetooth connectivity
  • If a smart lock has Bluetooth with Wi-Fi connectivity, there is an extra layer of security, and the owner will receive notifications when the lock has been unlocked
  • If your password is hacked, hackers will be able to access your smart lock

Smartphone Connectivity

  • Some consumers may be concerned that their smart locks can be operated through smartphones
  • If your smart lock is used through an app on your smartphone and Bluetooth, you may have concerns that someone can access your smart lock if your phone is stolen
  • Most locks have a keypad to prevent thieves from accessing the lock through Bluetooth if they steal your phone

Removing the Lock

  • Crafty thieves with tools can remove a smart lock, tamper with it or destroy it.
  • This poses a concern for most people who are interested in purchasing smart locks.

Which Smart Lock Is The Least Vulnerable To Lock Picking?

According to Consumer Reports, the best smart door lock is the Kwikset Obsidian. This smart lock was reported by consumers to be the best at protecting your home and resisting attack by brute force. In addition, this smart lock has been tested for break-ins by drilling, picking, and kick-ins and was resistant to all of these methods of attack.

The Kwikset Obsidian has a touch screen keypad. It can connect to Alexa and Google Assistant and is secured with the Z-Wave technology. In addition, this smart lock can connect to a smart home hub.

Kwikset 99540-001 Obsidian Keyless Entry Door Lock Z-Wave Plus Electronic Touchscreen Deadbolt, Satin Nickel
  • Sleek, low-profile design with a glass-like surface that has patented SecureScreen technology to help prevent code detection from fingerprints on the touchscreen
  • Does not work via zigbee or amazon key, and is incompatible with xfinity; User Codes - Up to 30 customizable user codes for increased security
  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub are sold separately)

How To Safeguard Your Smart Lock And Avoid It Getting Picked

Knowing that your smart lock is vulnerable to being picked may be terrifying. However, there are a few tips on safeguarding your home and preventing thieves from picking your smart lock.

  1. Upgrade the lock cylinder. Some smart locks just replace the thumb turn section of the deadbolt lock. These may not be pickable, but to add an extra security measure, you can upgrade the lock cylinder to ensure no one breaks down the door.
  2. Choose Z-Wave locks. Smart locks that have Z-Wave technology are more secure. Popular brands offering this are Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset.
  3. For self-installation, ensure you follow the instructions. This may be an obvious step to securing a smart lock. Still, some people may forget to follow the installation instructions and forget an important step that can leave your smart lock vulnerable to attack.
  4. Secure your home network. Update your passwords regularly, and ensure you don't give sensitive information to anyone. Opt for a firewall and create guest passwords if guests will be using your home network.

So, Can Smart locks Be Picked?

Smart locks can be picked, but it's nearly impossible to pick them. If you want to purchase a smart lock for extra security for your home, choose a reliable manufacturer to avoid vulnerabilities in the lock's design. No lock is impenetrable, and while smart locks pose a risk of getting picked, their security benefits and ease of use trump traditional locks.

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