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Do Smart Locks Work On Metal Doors? (Solved)

By Howard Bowman

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Installing a smart lock offers better protection for homeowners. Thanks to its advanced features, that guarantee better security and convenience for many families and their properties. However, smart locks don’t all work the same, and not all of them have the same systems. One of the main issues many smart locks have had in the past is their compatibility with different types of doors. It made me wonder if smart locks work on metal doors.

Smart locks for metal doors are not common. Companies like Yale and Kwikset have recently released a range of smart locks compatible with metal doors. Some of the best smart lock models for metal and aluminum doors include the YaleYDR 3110 and the Kwikset SmartCode 955.

Most smart locks are made for wooden doors, but some companies offer smart locks for glass and metal doors. What are the key features of these smart locks that work with metal doors? Let's get into this.

Do Smart Locks Work On Metal Doors?

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Smart locks can work with a pin code or a fingerprint, and the system works with Bluetooth, wi-fi, or Z-wave. Many smart locks on the market today are not compatible with metal doors, but a few companies have started making smart lock models compatible with metal doors. Some of the most popular models are:

  • Yale YDR 3110
  • Kwikset SmartCode 955
  • Yale Keyless Connected (for wooden & metal doors)

About Yale YDR 3110

Yale is one of the leading manufacturers of smart locks and smart lock systems. One of the smart locks you can use on wooden and metal doors is the Yale YDR 3110. These are the features of this smart lock model:

  • It can support an existing door lock and door thickness of between 35mm to 55mm.
  • You can use this smart lock on wooden, glass, or metal doors.
  • You have multiple ways to access the lock, including a pin code, RFID cards, and BLE.
  • You can share keys with family, and the app lets you know when the door is accessed.
  • It checks the locks after the door has been accessed and automatically re-locks it if left unlocked.
  • It has a voice guide feature that will let you know the operation status of the lock, and it can be customized to suit your needs.

About Kwikset SmartCode 955

The Kwikset SmartCode 955 is one of the highest-rated smart locks that can be used on metal, wooden, and glass doors. These locks are made from robust metal with a satin chrome finish. It's durable and suited for home or industrial use. These are some of the features of this smart lock:

Kwikset SmartCode 955 Keypad Electronic Lever Door Lock Deadbolt Alternative with Pembroke Door Handle Lever Featuring SmartKey Security in Venetian Bronze
  • The battery of the SmartCode 955 has a three-year lifespan.
  • It has an optional programming mode for easier management.
  • You can disable the keypad, so it only works using the keys.
  • You can customize 30 different passcodes, which is helpful in a commercial setting.
  • This smart lock has a reversible lever.
  • It is BHMA Grade certified.
  • It can give a one-time code for emergencies.
  • It has a three-year battery life as the battery it comes with is a 9V.

About Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock

Keyless Connected smart lock from Yale is easy to use and works with a pin code. You can even set a 24-hour pin code if you want for a family member. It will lapse after the 24-hours, so your home and property remain safe and secured. These smart locks can be used on wooden and metal doors. Here are some features of this smart lock:

Yale Smart Living YD-01-CON-NOMOD-CH Keyless Connected Ready Smart Door Lock, Touch Keypad, Compatible with Alexa, Chrome
  • It has a tamper-safe system that locks you out for three minutes if you enter the wrong code.
  • It uses 4 AAA batteries and gives a warning when the batteries are low.
  • It has low battery consumption and can lock and unlock doors up to 10,000 times before the batteries need to be replaced.
  • You can purchase a remote fob for convenience.
  • It has a tamper alarm system.
  • You can remotely add user info.
  • This lock has a two-year guarantee.

How To Use A Smart Lock On Metal Doors

Smart locks like the Yale YDR 3110 come with installation booklets to make installing the smart lock easier for the consumer. In addition, each type of smart lock has instructions on properly connecting it to your phone's Bluetooth or your home wi-fi system.

Smart locks have three separate components that make the installation process easier, even though the manufacturers suggest that the installations should only be done by qualified professionals. The qualified specialists will do the installation the same way regardless of the material of the door.

Cutting through metal is a lot harder than cutting through wood, so you might need special tools to install the lock without damaging your metal door or the smart lock.

Do Smart Locks Work On Aluminum Doors?

As we have stated, smart locks can be used on metal doors, but there is a difference between the ones made for most metal doors and those for aluminum doors. Certain smart lock manufacturers are making smart locks specifically for aluminum doors.


Some manufacturers have smart locks available that can work on metal doors, but they are not as common as the smart lock for wooden doors. Many smart locks for metal doors can be used for homes and commercial buildings, but you must follow the instructions and check with the manufacturer before installation.

Choosing the smart lock that suits your budget and needs is the best approach, but remember to consider hiring a professional to install your smart lock; it will help keep your manufacturer's warranty intact.

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