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Why Keypad Door Lock Keeps Spinning? (9 Causes with Solutions)

By Howard Bowman

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While keypad door locks offer the same security as traditional locks, they provide some added convenience. Simply enter your access code, and the door is unlocked! However, if you find your keypad door lock keeps spinning, you’ll need to identify the underlying issue to fix the spinning problem.

Like traditional locks, a faulty deadbolt is commonly the reason a keypad door lock keeps spinning. By repairing the broken deadbolt part or replacing the deadbolt, the spinning issue should resolve. Unfortunately, old, poorly designed, or incorrectly installed deadbolts may also keep spinning.

If your keypad door lock keeps spinning, we’ll help you identify your specific issue and how to address it. Whether the keypad door lock was incorrectly installed or a component inside the deadbolt has broken, we’ll help you fix your keypad door lock in no time!

9 Reasons For Keypad Door Locks That Keep Spinning (With Solutions!)

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There’s a common misconception that only traditional keyed door locks can malfunction and keep spinning. Unfortunately, this isn’t an issue that only affects traditional door locks – it can also affect smart keypad locks. The reason for this misconception is that keypad door locks only change how you unlock the door, but the unlocking mechanism remains the same.

Like traditional locks, keypad door locks also work with a deadbolt. Many keypad locks can be used in conjunction with an existing deadbolt. Of course, there are also smart keypad door locks that come with a deadbolt.

Due to this design, even keypad door locks can malfunction and keep spinning. While traditional locks and electronic keypad door locks may differ in many regards, the reasons (and fixes) for continual spinning remain the same.

If you’re struggling with this problem, an underlying issue with your deadbolt is the likely culprit. We’ll outline the nine most common reasons for a keypad door lock that keeps spinning – and how you can effectively solve the problem!

#1: Your Deadbolt Is Old Or Poorly Manufactured

As we explained above, some smart keypad locks come with their own deadbolt, while others can be used with existing deadbolts. If your existing deadbolt is old or poorly manufactured, you’ve likely found the reason for your spinning door lock.

If you’ve installed a keypad lock that has its deadbolt, it’s unlikely that the deadbolt is old. However, if the smart lock is poorly manufactured, it can also result in a deadbolt that keeps spinning.


If you suspect your keypad lock’s deadbolt is old or poorly designed, replacing the deadbolt will solve the issue of a spinning lock. Depending on the design of your keypad lock, it may be possible to only replace the deadbolt component. If your keypad lock is poorly designed, replacing the lock and deadbolt will solve the spinning issue.

#2: Your Door Handle Is Loose

If you have a keypad door lock installed by a commonly used door in your home, the chances are that your door handle or knob has become loose or floppy. When the door handle loosens, it can result in the lock spinning on its spindle. A loose door handle is often the reason behind a keypad door lock that keeps spinning.


If your door handle feels somewhat loose or floppy, tightening it will resolve the issue of your lock continuously spinning. When tightening your door handle or knob, you should focus on the handle itself, the faceplate, and interior mounting screws.

Firstly, look around the door handle’s collar and identify the type of screws holding it in place. Then, with a matching screwdriver, tighten these screws. Repeat this process for the faceplate on either side of the door where the keypad lock is installed. Finally, tighten the interior mounting screws.

#3: Your Keypad Door Lock Was Incorrectly Installed

Another common reason for a keypad door lock that keeps spinning is incorrect installation. The locking mechanisms will be misaligned when the door lock is not correctly installed. In turn, this can result in a deadbolt that keeps spinning. Incorrect installation is particularly common with keypad locks that work with existing deadbolts.


If your keypad door lock was incorrectly installed, you might need to dismantle the door lock and reinstall it. To do this, you’ll need to consult the user manual provided by your lock’s manufacturer. Once the door lock has been successfully uninstalled, you can follow the steps to install it correctly. Doing this should prevent the deadbolt from spinning continuously.

#4: Your Deadbolt Disc Is Worn Out

Every deadbolt has a disc with two small teeth that allows it to function properly. However, if these teeth have broken, your keypad door lock’s locking mechanism will not be able to catch. In the event of this, the lock will spin in place. Unfortunately, this is a common issue faced by old and worn-out deadbolts.


Depending on the age of your deadbolt, replacement parts may be available. By purchasing a replacement disc for your deadbolt, you’ll be able to repair the worn-out disc and solve the spinning issue. However, if you cannot find a replacement disc for your deadbolt, you may need to replace the entire deadbolt to solve the problem.

#5: Your Deadbolt Disc Has Detached

Above, we discussed a deadbolt disc that has become worn. However, it’s also possible for this disc to become detached. When this disc detaches inside your deadbolt, it will have the same spinning issue. If you suspect this disc has detached, you’ll need to open your deadbolt to assess and repair the problem.


If your deadbolt disc has detached, you can find the disc by opening the deadbolt. To do this, you’ll need to remove any caps and screws to dismantle the deadbolt. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to fish out the detached disc and put it back in place.

However, the disc may detach again. If this happens, the disc should be replaced, which we outlined in the previous solution.

#6: Your Deadbolt Housing Cylinder Needs Replacing

In the previous two sections, we discussed the issues caused by a worn-out or detached deadbolt disc. However, if you find the problem isn’t linked to this disc, it may mean that your entire housing cylinder needs to be replaced.


By replacing the entire housing cylinder, you’ll be able to fix the issue with your spinning deadbolt. If you need to replace the housing cylinder, you should call a locksmith. A professional locksmith will be able to troubleshoot and repair your issue.

#7: Your Lock’s Cam Or Tailpiece Level Is Faulty

Another common reason for a keypad door lock that keeps spinning is a faulty or failing cam or tailpiece lever. Tailpieces are used in a knob, rim, or lever cylinder, while other types of cylinders use cams. The cam or tailpiece rotates when you lock or unlock your smart keypad lock. If your lock’s cam or tailpiece is faulty, it can result in a lock that keeps spinning.


If you suspect a faulty cam or tailpiece, replacing this component in your lock will fix the spinning issue. However, you’ll need to ensure you replace it with the right type of cam or tailpiece. Your replacement cam or tailpiece should come from the same manufacturer as your lock. Failure to do this will result in a faulty and misaligned lock.

#8: Your Keypad Lock’s Security Curtain Is Worn Out

Over time, your lock’s security curtain will get damaged due to excessive wear and tear. When the security curtain is damaged, it will result in a lock that keeps spinning. This means that the lock's worn-out security curtain prevents your keypad from engaging the levers to unlock your door.


If your lock’s security curtain has become worn, you’ll need to replace it to fix the spinning problem. You can also contact a professional to help replace your worn-out security curtain.

#9: Incorrect Replacement Parts Have Been Used

From the previous causes and solutions for a keypad door lock that keeps spinning, it’s clear there are many crucial components inside your lock. For your door lock to work properly, these parts need to be perfectly aligned – which is why it’s important to use the correct replacement parts.

When incompatible replacement parts have been used, it can result in a door lock that keeps spinning. In fact, repairing the issue of a spinning lock with mismatched replacement parts can worsen the problem you’re experiencing.


To ensure you properly fix the component in your keypad door lock or deadbolt, you should use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. The aftermarket parts should be avoided as they can damage the lock.

If you find that original replacement parts are no longer available for your lock or deadbolt, you’ll need to replace the entire device.


When a keypad door lock keeps spinning, a faulty deadbolt is often to blame. The continuous spinning issue can be resolved by repairing the defective component or replacing the entire deadbolt. It is also possible for old, poorly designed, or incorrectly installed deadbolts to keep spinning.

Finding the correct root cause early and applying the appropriate solution mentioned in this article would save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary spending.

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