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How To Add Yale Lock To Ring (Complete Setup Process)

By Howard Bowman

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Ring's alarm system is one of the best ways to create a 'ring' of protection around your home, and it's also one of the most cost-effective methods. However, many homeowners have wondered whether connecting a Yale smart lock to their Ring alarm system is possible.

Integrating a Yale smart lock with a Ring alarm system is possible. To do this, homeowners need a Ring alarm system and a compatible Yale smart lock with Z-Wave technology. Once the Yale lock has been installed, it can be integrated with a Ring alarm through the Ring smartphone app.

We'll break down everything you should know if you want to connect a Yale smart lock to your Ring alarm system. Then, once we've looked at how this is possible and which Yale locks are compatible with Ring alarm systems, we'll explain how you can integrate these devices for premium security!

How Do You Add A Yale Smart Lock To Ring?

Yale's Smart Security devices and products are designed to make your life simpler and more secure. Since Yale has been protecting homes since 1840, the company has had time to evolve and refine its products. Today, the smart locks produced by Yale are durable, high-quality, and smart.

Due to their increased functionality, communication is vital for smart locks. There are three commonly used communication protocols for smart locks: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-Wave. Bluetooth is one of the most common protocols as it optimizes battery life. Wi-Fi protocols, on the other hand, are usually an add-on feature.

Many modern smart locks use Z-wave communication protocols, including locks produced by Yale. Unlike smart locks that connect directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Z-Wave locks connect to smartphones via a Z-Wave-compatible hub.

In addition to smart locks, many other smart home devices use Z-Wave technology to communicate with your smartphone. For instance, let's consider Ring devices, which do not support Bluetooth. While Ring products are designed to operate on your home's Wi-Fi network, all Ring devices are compatible with Z-Wave technology.

Ultimately, this communication protocol allows Ring devices to communicate with each another without interfering with your home's Wi-Fi network. However, the fact that Ring products are all Z-Wave-compatible means connecting a Yale smart lock to an existing Ring product is possible.

There are many advantages to connecting these security devices. For example, once you've integrated a Yale lock with your Ring alarm system, you'll be able to lock and unlock your door through an app. You'll also be able to use unique PIN codes to give yourself, friends, and family access.

Not only do you unlock more functionality from your Yale smart lock, but you'll be able to improve the way you use your Ring alarm system. Once your Yale lock and Ring alarm system have been integrated, your Ring alarm will be automatically armed or disarmed by locking or unlocking your door.

With Z-wave-compatible products, it's important to note that the devices will need to be within 120 feet of a Z-wave hub to function properly. Of course, this means that the Yale smart lock will need to be within 120 feet of a hub to operate. Devices compatible with Z-Wave technology repeat the signal from the hub, allowing the device to function as a range extender.

Since all Ring devices are Z-Wave-compatible, your Ring doorbells and cameras can function as a range extender, meaning they can connect to a Yale lock. However, you'll need a Ring alarm for this integration to work properly, as the alarm's base station is a Z-Wave hub. Currently, smart lock integration with Ring is only available in the United States.

If you're in the United States, connecting a Z-Wave smart lock from Yale to any of Ring's devices is easy! For this process to work, you'll need a Ring alarm system and a compatible Yale smart lock that uses Z-Wave technology. Luckily, more than 13 Yale smart locks can be integrated with Ring alarm systems.

Complete Setup Process For Connecting Yale Lock To Ring

If you'd like to connect a Yale smart lock to your existing Ring alarm system, you'll need to ensure you have a compatible Z-Wave lock. You'll also need to ensure the alarm's base station is installed, as this functions as a Z-Wave hub. To integrate these security devices, you can follow these simple steps!

1. Set Up Your Yale Smart Lock

Before you can integrate your Yale lock with your Ring alarm, both devices need to be installed. Ultimately, this means your Ring-compatible Yale smart lock must be installed before it can be connected to your Ring devices. To install your Yale smart lock, you should follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

2. Open The Ring App On Your Smartphone

Once your Yale electronic lock has been installed, you're ready to start the integration process. You'll need to launch the official Ring app on your smartphone, which is already connected to your various Ring security devices. To successfully complete these steps, you should ensure your Ring app is updated on your phone.

3. Select "Set Up Device" In Main Menu

To access the main menu in the Ring app, tap on the three-lined icon. This icon is located on the upper-left side of the app. Clicking the three-lined icon will open the main menu, giving you access to the rest of the Ring app's functionality. From the list, select the "Set Up Device" option.

4. Navigate to "Locks & Access Controllers"

Once you've tapped on the "Set Up Device" option, select the "Locks & Access Controllers" tab. From this tab, you'll be able to set up a compatible Yale smart lock with your Ring alarm devices.

5. Click On "Connect Using Z-Wave"

In the "Locks & Access Controllers" tab, you'll see two options listed: "Connect Via Key By Amazon" and "Connect Using Z-Wave." To connect to a Z-Wave-enabled Yale lock, you need to select the "Connect Using Z-Wave" option.

6. Select Your Yale Smart Lick From The List

On your smartphone's screen, you'll now see a list of all the smart locks that are compatible with Ring's alarm system. From this list, select your specific Yale smart lock.

7. Click On "Ready"

Once you've selected your Yale smart lock from the list, you'll see more information displayed about your specific model. A photo will accompany this information to help confirm you've selected the correct model from the list. Select "Ready" to continue once you've verified this.

8. Pair Your Yale Smart Lock With Ring Alarm Base Station

The Ring smartphone app will now guide you through the integration process. To connect Yale locks, you'll need to activate the pairing mode on the Yale lock itself. Your lock's manufacturer will provide the instructions for this step.

9. Select Room Where Yale Lock Is Installed

Once your Yale lock and Ring system have been paired, you'll be prompted to select the room where your smart lock is installed. It's also possible to select "No Room Assigned" here.

10. Add Shared Users

Once you've chosen the room where your Yale lock is installed, you'll be able to add shared users. If you wish to add shared users, you can do this now or at a later point. Select the "Don't Add Any Users" option to skip this step. When you've finished this step, select "Continue" to proceed.

11. Activate Disarmed Mode Setting

When you've clicked the "Continue" option, you can read about the different mode settings and their functions. First, you'll be able to activate the "Disarmed Mode" setting. By activating this, you'll be able to disarm your Ring alarm when unlocking your smart lock with a code. It's important to note that using a key to unlock your smart lock will not disarm the Ring system.

12. Adjust Away Mode Settings

Next, you'll be able to adjust the "Away Mode" settings. There are two distinct settings here, which both allow you to put the Ring alarm into "Away Mode" when your Yale device is locked. These settings can be adjusted as desired. You can also adjust these settings at a later date.

13. Finish Yale Smart Lock And Ring Alarm Integration

Once you've finished adjusting the integration settings, your Yale smart lock will now be paired with your Ring alarm system. You will now be able to lock and unlock your Yale lock through the Ring app. Of course, as discussed above, you'll also be able to set your Ring alarm to be automatically armed or disarmed when your Yale lock is locked or unlocked, respectively.


While Ring alarms and security devices primarily operate on a home's Wi-Fi network, they are also Z-Wave-compatible. Ultimately, this allows Yale smart locks with Z-Wave technology to be integrated with an existing Ring alarm system. This setup process can be done through the Ring smartphone app and will unlock new functionality from your security devices.

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