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Can You Rekey All Electronic Locks? (Solved)

By Howard Bowman

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Not only do electronic locks increase overall security, but they make unlocking your home more convenient than ever. While many electronic locks have backup keyholes, keypads are typically used to gain access. If you're wondering whether electronic locks can be rekeyed, this is what you should know!

All electronic locks can be digitally rekeyed by changing the access codes. Keyless electronic locks cannot be physically rekeyed. However, electronic keys with a backup keyhole and key can be physically rekeyed, allowing homeowners to change the key without replacing the entire smart lock.

We'll break down everything homeowners should know about rekeying electronic locks. Then, once we've explained when rekeying is possible, we'll outline the process of rekeying smart electronic locks and which major brands support rekeying.

Can Electronic Locks Be Rekeyed?

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Electronic locks are more popular than ever. These smart locks provide multiple ways for homeowners to access locks and can be easily retrofitted into homes. In addition, these locks maximize security while prioritizing convenience, as they can be controlled through secure smartphone apps.

When it comes to these modern locks, many homeowners have wondered whether it's possible to rekey an electronic lock. In general, it is possible to rekey an electronic lock.

But, first, it's important to explain how these locks function to understand when and how rekeying an electronic lock is possible.

Most electronic locks have a keypad with a series of numbers and letters. Homeowners can set unique codes that can unlock their electronic locks. In addition, most electronic locks allow users to allocate multiple user IDs.

The smart lock will be unlocked when a valid code is entered into the keypad. Changing the access codes for electronic locks is easy, which can be considered a type of digital rekeying. However, when it comes to physical rekeying, it depends on the type of electronic lock you have.

While some electronic locks are keyless and only feature the keypad, other models have backup key slots. Unfortunately, there is no key or slot with keyless electronic locks, which means it is impossible to rekey them. However, as we mentioned earlier, keyless electronic locks can still be digitally rekeyed.

Electronic locks with a backup key make it possible to rekey the lock physically. These backup keyholes are often included in case the lock's electrical components malfunction. By rekeying an electronic lock, it's possible to keep the existing smart lock and just replace the key that unlocks it. To do this, some parts inside the electronic lock will need to be replaced.

Even with traditional door locks, rekeying is often more affordable than replacing the entire lock. Now, considering the price of electronic locks, you'll see that rekeying is more affordable than replacing the whole lock.

However, you may be wondering how an electronic lock can be rekeyed. Let's find out.

How To Rekey Your Electronic Lock

In the previous section, we discussed that electronic keys with backup keyholes could be rekeyed. Still, due to the electronic nature of these locks, how exactly these smart locks are rekeyed? Ultimately, this process will depend on the manufacturer of your electronic lock.

With some brands and manufacturers, this rekeying process is more complex than with others. Many popular manufacturers, such as Schlage and Kwikset, sell rekeying sets for their products. With one of these kits, homeowners can rekey their electronic locks on their own.

It's important to note that rekeying is only available for certain smart locks. As we established earlier, this process is possible for most electronic locks with physical backup keys. While it is possible to rekey these locks with a rekeying kit, you can also hire a professional to rekey your smart lock!

If you don't want to purchase a rekeying kit for your electronic lock, it's always possible to call a locksmith to rekey your lock. Alternatively, if there's a Home Depot or Lowe's store near you, they'll be able to rekey your smart locks for you. Overall, there are many ways homeowners can rekey electronic locks!

Which Electronic Locks Can You Rekey?

As we mentioned above, the process of rekeying an electronic lock ultimately depends on the brand and model of your unit. In this section, we're going to look at how to rekey smart locks from three of the best manufacturers today, namely Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale.


To rekey an electronic Schlage lock, you'll need to purchase a rekeying kit or hire a locksmith. If you decide to rekey your Schlage lock by yourself, there are many handy tutorials to follow online. Of course, Schlage has great resources that highlight locks that can be rekeyed and guide you through this process.

SCHLAGE 40-133 Commercial 40133 Home Secure Keying Kit
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When rekeying a Schlage lock, you'll need to remove the lock from the door. Once you've done this, you'll be able to dismantle the front of the Schlage electronic lock, giving you a view inside your smart lock. You'll now be able to rekey your Schlage lock with your rekeying kit.


With Kwikset, there's a similar rekeying process. To rekey a smart Kwikset lock yourself, you'll need to purchase a rekeying kit. This set comes with the rekeying tools you need, as well as four precut keys and two temporary keys. Due to Kwikset's SmartKey technology, you'll be able to rekey your smart lock in under a minute!

Kwikset 83262-001 SmartKey Re-keying Kit
  • Easy installation and easy handling
  • Comes with 4 everyday precut keys and 2 temporary precut keys
  • Comes with upgraded re-key tool


While Yale makes fantastic keyless electronic locks, there are many models that have physical backup keyholes. Luckily, the process of rekeying these locks remains largely the same as other locks. You'll need to purchase a rekeying kit to rekey your smart lock from Yale.


By changing the access codes, all electronic locks can effectively be rekeyed. However, physical rekeying is only possible for smart locks with physical backup keys. Rekeying these electronic locks makes it possible to change the key without replacing the entire lock itself. The specific rekeying process will depend on the manufacturer of the smart lock.

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